Frequently Asked Questions

lumberjack cut down the top of a birch tree and it falling

Planning authorities have the power to protect trees by issuing a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on trees in any area. If a tree has a TPO status, it is an offence to cut down, prune, uproot, wilfully damage or destroy any protected tree without permission from the local authority, they can issue fines of up to £20,000.

We will leave your garden as tidy as possible with little evidence of us being there. We will take the entire tree(s) away and tidy up by hand and remove most of the leaves by means of a blower. The lawn may have some brushed area where we have dragged large branches. Obviously, if the garden is very wet there may be areas of mud. We can board any very sensitive or decorative areas on request.

Tree surgery is an inherently noisy trade, with chainsaws and wood-chippers operating in normally quiet areas. There will be some disruption, but we will try to keep it at a minimum and for the shortest possible time. No machinery will be used before 8am.

We will happily leave you the wood for logging if asked to. We will endeavour to cut the logs into manageable chunks for you to handle, they will be stacked near to where the tree was dismantled.

All waste from the tree work will be removed and chipped on site. If the only way to remove the waste is through the house, Proplex sheeting will be laid to protect the floors.

We will uphold the law and proceed with care when dealing with wildlife. If you suspect that you have any bats or nesting birds in your trees, we can carry out a survey to check if they are currently in habitation. Our staff are fully qualified to carry out bat surveys.

Foxy Arboriculture Ltd are extremely conscious of all waste produced by our tree work. All spoils from trees are recycled or reused at the City and Suburban Biofuel Processing Centre or Highams Farm Bio Processing Centre in Croydon and supply local allotments and schools with woodchip and logs.